Misty and Me will be donating $1.00 from ever sale to an animal charity. As we are still small, we will accumulate these funds over a six month period before donating it the the chosen charity.


The fifth charity we will be donating to (from 1 January 2024 - 30 June 2024) is The Christchurch Bull Breed Recue. Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue provides temporary shelter, food, medical attention, and comfort to neglected and rejected dogs.  They seek out new homes for these dogs and try to educate the public about the humane care of dogs. They consider the unique needs of all the dogs in their care and work compassionately to prepare a safe, appropriately socialised dog for a wonderful new life.

Read more about them on their website at https:// and follow them on Instagram @chchbullbreedrescuenz

Previously donated to:

- NZ Chihuahua Rescue - $100
- Chained Dog Rehab - $100

- Saving Hope Foundation - $100
- The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand - $272.12
- New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society - Vivisection Society - $100