Our Story

Meet the team... 


Meet Misty, the true boss lady and inspiration behind our business! This sassy girl is the heart and soul of our operations. From supervising sewing sessions to taking charge of shopping expeditions, Misty is a hardworking furball with a keen eye for style.

Her dedication doesn't stop there – Misty doubles as our star model, showcasing the latest in pet fashion with unmatched flair. With her paws-on approach, Misty ensures that every stitch meets her high standards.

Behind the scenes, Misty's charming presence and discerning taste keep the creative energy flowing. She's not just a pet; she's the muse, the supervisor, and the driving force behind our passion for crafting stylish pet apparel. Thanks to Misty, we're not just creating outfits; we're curating a lifestyle for the fashion-forward fur babies out there!🐾✨


Introducing Gracie, our Chief Product Tester and the paws-down expert in all things playfully practical! This furry dynamo takes her job seriously, diving into rigorous play sessions and embracing the thrill of getting a little dirty – all in the name of ensuring our pet apparel is up to the task.

Gracie's work ethic extends to her role as a star model, showcasing our designs with enthusiasm and a touch of playful charm. Her impeccable style and adventurous spirit make her the perfect ambassador for our creations.

As a dedicated team member, Gracie enthusiastically joins all work-related shopping trips, lending her keen instincts to the selection process. With her around, every outing is a mix of business and pleasure, ensuring that our products not only look good but also withstand the rigors of real pet-life adventures.

Gracie's commitment to quality and her infectious joy bring a special touch to our creative process. She's not just a four-legged team member; she's the spirited force that keeps us inspired and motivated in the world of pet fashion. 🐾🌟


Meet Liezel, the creative genius and owner of our pet apparel business! As the mastermind behind the scenes, Liezel is the ultimate working bee, not so seamlessly😅 juggling every aspect of the operation. With Misty and Gracie as the furry bosses, Liezel takes orders with a smile, ensuring every design meets their high standards.

From sewing stylish outfits to handling admin tasks and crafting effective marketing strategies and website design, Liezel wears many hats. The dedication to the craft goes beyond the sewing machine, extending to the business's overall success.

Liezel's passion for the pet fashion world is evident in every stitch and every decision made. It's not just about creating clothes; it's about curating a lifestyle for pets and their owners. With Misty and Gracie as constant inspirations, Liezel is committed to bringing joy and style to the furry members of our community. Together, they form a dynamic trio dedicated to making the world a more fashionable place for pets. 🐾💼✨


Our Story...

My family has a strong sewing tradition, passed down from my grandmother and aunt. I fell in love with fashion while watching Bold and Beautiful with my mom and started creating clothes for my Barbie dolls. At 11 and inspired by Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, I embraced self-expression through fashion and I made her cute jackets so we could match outfits.

My creative passion continued through fine arts and fashion studies in South Africa and New Zealand. Health issues struck in 2016, and after years of struggling with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, I got an Emotional Support Animal named Freddie in 2019, who revived my love for sewing.

After losing her a year later to a sudden illness, i adopted Misty who helped me to heal and kept my creative spark flowing by making cute outfits for her. In 2022, I decided to overcome my fears and pursue dreams, and started a pet apparel company. I'm grateful for the support of my partner, family, friends, and the dog community.

Thank you for being part of our journey and for your support. :)